Leverage Monte Carlo Simulation to Evaluate All Possible Risk Scenarios and Make Better Decisions

Whether you're managing cash flow, portfolio optimization, or project schedules, @RISK software can help you quantify the risk in forecasting and decision-making in any industry. Start making confident decisions by using Monte Carlo simulation in @RISK to see the full range of outcomes and the chance each will occur — all within the familiar environment of Excel.

With @RISK's powerful Monte Carlo simulation, you can:

  • Evaluate the fluctuations of model variables while accounting for the uncertainty of input variables.
  • Employ more than 100 statistical distributions.
  • Apply sensitivity analysis to show the most important factors driving risk.
  • Gain clear insights into complicated problems with customizable graphs.

Plus, with @RISK and Decision Tools Suite's newest feature, ScheduleRiskAnalysis, you can combine the power of Monte Carlo simulation with your Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project schedules to account for uncertainty in your project schedule dates and duration.

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With Monte Carlo simulation in @RISK and DecisionTools Suite, you can:

  • See all possible outcomes of your decisions.
  • Run simulations with random variables thousands of times.
  • Quantitatively assess the impact of your risk factors.
  • Stop relying on "best guess" approaches.
  • Identify which variables have the largest impact on the outcome with sensitivity analysis.
  • Communicate results with your team using insightful graphs and charts.
  • Easily work within Microsoft Excel.

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