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Streamline your writing process with the only tool designed to organize, track, and format your writing and references. With features designed to methodically manage your notes, quotes, articles, and sources, and automatic citation formatting for more than 10,000 citation styles, Citavi brings calm to the chaos of writing. With Citavi, your project is half-written before you even begin.

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Organize and annotate references, accelerate your writing, and publish faster with Citavi!

Everyone conducting research today faces the common challenges of time constraints, information overload, and how to keep data, notes, and references organized.

Whether you're a student, an experienced researcher, or a team, Citavi can help streamline your projects by providing you with appropriate tools for each step – from consolidating all your information in one place to writing up your project.

What can you do with Citavi?

  • Automatically create an outline while you work.
  • Keep track of critical bibliographic information, annotate sources, and save quotes.
  • Insert the outline you’ve created with comments, images, and quotations straight into Word.
  • Effortlessly collaborate with your team.
  • Dig deeper into data analysis with Citavi-NVivo integration.
  • Streamline the writing process to help you publish faster!

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How Citavi Works

  • Import
    Effortlessly import PDFs, multiple folders of files, references in RIS, BibTeX, and ENW formats, Excel tables, Word bibliographies, and more.
  • Organize
    Automatically create an outline from your work, maintain task planning, keep track of important bibliographic information, and sort through your sources by creating categories, tagging keywords and designing filters.
  • Analyze
    Customize your text evaluation and leverage tools that help you paraphrase and summarize to develop the big picture. Plus, you can combine Citavi’s organizational tools for references, quotations, and ideas with NVivo to explore patterns and deepen your analysis.
  • Plan
    Work systematically with Citavi’s Task Planner – helping you keep track of major deadlines and project tasks.
  • Write
    Quickly compose research papers, articles, theses, literature reviews, and dissertations with Citavi’s automatic citation formatting feature. Plus, Citavi automatically creates an outline for you to import to Word – complete with references and knowledge items!
  • Collaborate
    Easily share insights and collaborate with your team with options to store information and ideas on your server or the cloud.


Powerful Collaboration with
Citavi and NVivo

Citavi and NVivo 14 together can help you with the following literature review challenges:

  • Managing Information Overload: Citavi effortlessly manages an expansive range of references, ensuring you never lose sight of valuable insights.
  • Synthesizing Information: Seamlessly weave together notes, memos, and impactful quotes with Citavi.
  • Boosting Credibility: Leverage the power of Citavi-NVivo integration by easily spotting trends, identifying themes, and building robust analyses across countless sources – bolstering the strength of your literature review.
  • Integrating Directly in Word: Citavi's Word Add-on effortlessly imports your outline, complete with linked quotes and citations to the literature, into a preliminary draft in Word.
I don't think I would be as successful as I am both academically and in the industry without Citavi.

Dr. Blake Curtis, Sc.D., Global
Cybersecurity Optimization Manager at Deloitte

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